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      50,000 gallons of water each minute flow under you to create a five-foot ocean-like wave on this exciting attraction. Try your bodyboarding or surfing* skills in this incredible, (best of all) safe environment. The FlowRider is one experience that will never be the same twice!

      *Waiver required.

      Safety Rules and Procedures

      • This is a very strenuous ride. Riders must be able to swim in turbulent moving water.
      • Use of this ride is a body-active, participatory sport. As with all sports, care must be taken to avoid injury.
      • Riders must be in good physical condition and free from any physical limitations to participate. Pregnant women, guests with heart conditions, guests with neck or back problems, and guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to ride.
      • Riders must be at least 42 in. tall to participate in body boarding and 52 inches tall for stand-up riding.
      • The maximum weight allowed on this ride is 300 lbs. (135.9 kg) Jewelry, hats, eye glasses, footwear of any kind, or loose articles of any type are not permitted on this ride as they may injure the participant or damage the ride surface.
      • Body Boarding: When instructed by the attendant, you may enter the wave as instructed. Enter the wave on your stomach, head first, with your hips along the rear edge of the board, and your legs extended straight behind you. Your hands should grip the forward rails of the board.
      • Stand-up Flowboarding: When instructed by the attendant, you may enter the wave as instructed. Participant will always enter from the bottom of the ride, never from the top. Participant will be instructed as to the proper footing by the ride attendant at the start of each ride, as well as, any other important safety information.
      • Single riders only. There is no double or tandem riding allowed at any time.
      • The flowing water may pull off bathing suit tops, bottoms, and any other loose articles of clothing. Cover-ups are highly recommended.
      • Horse play and daredevil stunts are not permitted at any time on this attraction.
      • CAUTION: Ride surface is very slippery. Use extreme caution when walking onto ride surface.

      All riders must comply with the Pennsylvania Amusement Rider Safety and Liability Act, P.S. § 501-507 including heeding all posted and oral rules and to refrain from acting in a manner which may knowingly cause or contribute to the injury of themself or others or in a manner contrary to prohibited acts for riders set forth in the act.