• Brandberg

    A classic tavern with a modern twist, Brandberg is an oasis in the Kalahari – a refuge for adults, a welcoming environment for families, and a destination for anyone in search of a distinctive dining and drinking experience.

    Brandberg both reassures and surprises. The menu features a wide range of tavern classics, yet each dish is unique to Brandberg. From ingredients to execution, from flavor profiles and plating, Brandberg elevates the dining experience from the expected to the memorable, from tried-and-true to truly remarkable. Similarly, the bar beckons with cocktail classics and one-of-a-kind mixological creations; and the wine list is easily navigated yet rewards exploration.

    Another hallmark of Brandberg is the breadth of its appeal. From parents who seek a veto-proof menu for the kids, to adults who treat dinner as their evening's entertainment, to cocktail connoisseurs in search of a world-class bar, Brandberg provides an experience worthy of the occasion, and unique to the Kalahari.

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    About the Name:

    Brandberg Mountain is the highest point in the Kalahari, visible from great distances. The name, Brandberg, is Afrikaans, Dutch and German for "Fire Mountain," which comes from its glowing color in the setting sun. Brandberg also has great spiritual significance to local tribes, and its many ancient rock paintings are of immense interest to anthropologists and historians.

    In-House Extension: 21236
    Direct Phone Number: (570) 580-6030