• Free Admission for Kalahari Guests!

    Tommy Bartlett Show

    That's right, each person registered as a Kalahari hotel guest between May 26, 2017 and September 3, 2017, will receive COMPLIMENTARY admission to the amazing Tommy Bartlett Show in Wisconsin Dells!  That’s a value of over $22 per ticket!

    Summer 2017 goes full throttle when the celebrated Tommy Bartlett water-ski team revs up the action from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.  With high-flying tricks and lots of fun, the famous Tommy Bartlett water-skiers are "Livin' the Dream" with their 65th season on Lake Delton. The summertime extravaganza features a mix of fast-paced trick skiing, barefooting, jumps, flips and high-powered boat maneuvers. 

    Don’t miss the return of the FlyBoard, a water-propelled jetpack/hoverboard that propels its rider high into the sky to perform flips and twists, then diving back down in to the water.

    On shore, world-class thrill performers keep the adrenaline pumping with breath-taking feats and a mix of light-hearted humor. New this year – The Nerveles Nocks soar above the crowd on their 65-foot-tall Wheel of Destiny, performing tricks on the rotating apparatus with no net below. And don't miss the return of Christian Stoinev and his lovable acrobatic dog Scooby of "America's Got Talent" fame.

    It's what summers are made of – action, adventure, music and memories on the lake!


    2017 Tommy Bartlett Show Includes:

    "Summer Vacation" - Traveling the World on Skis  

    Kick up your heels and leave your cares behind as the Tommy Bartlett ski team takes you on a "Summer Vacation" dream. Featuring our finest tricks, we push the limits with the biggest and best waterskiing stunts of today, as we take you to some of the most iconic vacation destinations. Our top-notch skiers show off spectacular long-distance jumping and breath-taking multiple-skier stunts off the ramps.  Power boats bring them in at high speed as they launch high into the air, flipping and crisscrossing above the water.  See the awesome maneuvers of extreme water sports including wakeboarding and the high-flying sky ski.  Along with the signature three-tier human pyramid, the Show features the unique side of the sport,  with the eye-catching, water-jet-propelled FlyBoard, and showcases those with no skis at all – barefooting, backwards at 35-40 miles per hour! Pack your bags! We're ready for take-off!

    Man-Carrying Kite

    All eyes turn to the sky when one of Tommy Bartlett's ultimate daredevils takes flight each night. Our man-carrying kite is catapulted by boat from the Tommy Bartlett stage up into the air, soaring to a height of 700 feet above the water. Audiences eagerly watch as our gutsy performer disconnects from the towline and elegantly maneuvers the lighted glider through the night sky. Gasps of amazement ripple through the crowd as he glides back down to the very spot from where he launched. It's a true spectacle of skill, precision and courage. (8:30 p.m. Show only – weather permitting)

    The Fausto Scorpions

    With skill and power this family acrobatic troupe literally "kicks it up a notch!" The Fausto Scorpions take to the Bartlett stage with their "risley" foot-juggling routine. Using only the power of his feet and legs, Toto Fausto balances, spins and propels daughters Sherry and Stephanie into the air to perform flips and twists with precision and grace. They deliver the "wows" and the laughs, entertaining audiences with a little bit of feisty fun along the way.

    The Nerveless Nocks

    Bringing danger and excitement to the Tommy Bartlett stage, world-class stunt performers, The Nerve Nocks, keep spectators on the edge of their seats. New this summer, the Nocks climb aboard their 65-foot-high Wheel of Destiny. Forget the safety harnesses or nets, watch as these brave daredevils balance and do tricks freestyle on the rotating double wheen as it swings end over end. Michelangelo and Carolina Nock along with Cyrus, their 19-year-old son, wow an audiences as they tempt fate on the soaring apparatus.

    T.J. Howell

    With great hand-eye-coordination and a good dose of lighthearted humor, world-class juggler T.J. Howell brings laughter and excitement to the Tommy Bartlett stage.  T.J. tosses a bit of everything into the juggling mix.  You name it - T.J. can probably juggle it!  From bowling balls to machetes and throwing in some fire to ignite the excitement, T.J. is certainly in a league all his own.  Not to be upstaged, T.J.'s son Carson joins the act to show off his latest unicycle riding feats and win audiences over with his show-stealing charm and humorous antics.

    Christian Stoinev & Scooby

    Internationally renowned entertainer and America’s Got Talent star, Christian Stoinev and his chihuahua Scooby, return to The Tommy Bartlett Show this year with their entertaining, acrobatic balancing act. Christian, a 5th generation circus performer, exudes incredible strength, precision and grace while performing with his beloved dog, giving new meaning to the term “man's best friend!”

    The Grand Finale

    A Tribute to America Lights up the Night.The lights come out each night as we cap off our 8:30 p.m. performance with a dazzling Entrancing Waters show.  Join us in celebrating America with a spectacular mix of color and patriotic music as the lighted fountains dance across the stage, honoring our great nation – a fitting end to the “Greatest Show on H2O!”

    2017 Show Schedule
    • May 26: 8:30 p.m.
    • May 27 – Sep. 3: 4:30 & 8:30 p.m.

    Complimentary Tommy Bartlett passes will be distributed at time of Kalahari check-in. Guests must present the pass as well as a Kalahari Resort wristband to gain admission to the Tommy Bartlett Show.