• The Smoke That Thunders


    Zip, zoom, twist, twirl, slide and splash all under the summer sun!

    Delve into the gushing waterfalls of The Smoke That Thunders, one of the wildest raft rides. Soar through a dark tube, around in a circle and then maximize the thrill with some of the longest hang times, facing zero-g oscillations as you sweep up and across the wall, virtually defying gravity before sweeping back down.

    Safety Rules and Procedures

    • WARNING: Splash pool depth is 3 feet.
    • Minimum height requirement for guests using this waterslide is 48in. (1,220 mm). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD GUESTS LESS THAN 48 in. (1,220 mm) BE PERMITTED TO USE THIS WATERSLIDE.
    • The maximum combined weight limit for this ride is 700 lbs. (317.1 kg).
    • Follow the instructions of the attendant.
    • Pregnant women, guests with heart conditions, guests with neck or back problems, and guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to ride.
    • Single vehicles only are to be dispatched. No chains or multiples of vehicles are permitted. This attraction is meant for 2-4 riders only. Only the 4 person tube is allowed on this attraction. NO SINGLE OR DOUBLE TUBES ALLWED.
    • Riders and tubes are not permitted to remain in THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS runout. Guests should exit with their tube at THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS runout as quickly as possible.
    • Only guests wearing suitable swimming attire may ride the flume. Swimming attire with buckles, rivets, or any sharp objects are not permitted, as they may damage the flume and/or tubes.
    • Shoes, sandals or footwear with buckles are not permitted to be worn while riding.
    • For riders to safely experience THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS, each such rider should have the physical and cognitive abilities to hold themselves in an upright seated position within the vehicle throughout the course of the ride. All riders should firmly grasp the handles of the tubes at all times during the ride, up to and including entry to THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS runout at the exit of the waterslide. Guests will encounter strong acceleration and deceleration forces from the front, rear and all sides during the course of the ride.
    • No standing, kneeling, rotating or stopping in the flume.
    • Maximum pool patron load: 9.