Wrath of Anubis

Long ago, Kings and Queens ruled the Land of the Nile and wielded a power not of this world. It has been said that these Monarchs could become invisible, fly, and even cheat death. This power, however, was bought with a great price. The God of Death demanded the souls of those whose wishes were granted. Those who refused to pay the toll would incur his wrath.

In the days of European Expansion, many adventurers sought fame and fortune in the Land of the Nile. Some believe that the key to immortality could be found in its ancient pyramids and tombs. To this day, all who have sought the power over death have failed. The power once wielded by the Gods of Ancient Egypt has been lost… until now.

Are you clever enough to solve the riddles of the ancients?

Are you cunning enough to avoid the obstacles and traps?

Do you dare face the Wrath of Anubis?


This fully interactive game will transport you to Ancient Egypt where you will use skill to navigate through 3 different “escape rooms.” Each room will have hints and interactive features on all four walls to assist you in your progression to the next room. You’ll rely on the interactive sounds, ambient lighting and voice of the spirit guardian to guide you in the right direction.


$15 per person; 6 people maximum per session, no minimum.

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