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  • three girls wearing mermaid tails in a pool

    Become a Mermaid

    Do you believe in mermaids & mermen? Of course, you do! Join the intrigue of mermaids and become one for yourself.

    Never Stop Believing:
    See For Yourself
  • A group of kids with VR headsets on playing in our virtual reality room.

    The Arena Ultimate VR Experience

    Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game - where your body is the controller. The digital and real world mesh seamlessly together to transport you inside the virtual world like never before.

  • a seafood dish from Double Cut's new dinner menu

    Double Cut Charcoal Grill / Liquor Bar

    A signature steakhouse experience featuring a menu with robust selections cooked over hot coals including steak (of course), seafood, chops, chicken and an assortment of vegetables.

    <a href="/wisconsin/things-to-do/dining/double-cut-grill#3083">Make Online Here</a>
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