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Green Initiatives

Winner of the Partners for Clean Air Recognition Award, KalahariĀ® Resorts continues to lead the hotel industry in energy conservation and reduction of our carbon footprint with innovative initiatives.Ā 

Some examples include:

  • Roof top solar panels which heat more than 50% of the hot water for the resort's facilities
  • Low-flow shower heads for guest rooms, reducing water consumption by 2.46 million gallons per year
  • Most advanced lighting control systems in the industry
  • Transition to energy saving fluorescent light bulbs
  • Motion sensor lights in public areas
  • Low-flow dishwasher spray heads
  • Upgrading to digital thermostats in guest rooms
  • Low energy consumption water pumps in the park
  • Global use of CFL and LED lighting in interior and exterior fixtures
  • Installation of massive fans in the Waterpark to lower heating costs by pushing warm air near the ceiling to floor level
  • Resort-wide receptacles for refuse recycling
  • "AquaRecycle" system for resort laundry will conserve 26 million gallons of water per year
  • Cardboard boxes used to ship products and supplies are baled and recycled
  • Ozone laundry system allows for colder water wash, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint
  • High-efficiency water pumps within water parks
  • Use of high post consumer waste paper products
  • And much more!

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