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2023 College Programs

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions is committed to developing tomorrow’s hospitality leaders. We provide a unique program that could lead to future career opportunities at one of our four current resorts, or upcoming projects! Our internships are categorized into three different experiences - Hospitality Introduction, Advanced Hospitality or Manager-In-Training. The programs are currently offered at our resorts located in: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin | Sandusky, Ohio | Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania | Round Rock, Texas.

Why Choose Kalahari Resorts & Conventions?

As the leader in the waterpark industry, Kalahari has been known as an innovator. As a family-owned company, you’ll get a chance to feel the presence of the family and their passion for hospitality, plus learn the inner workings of a successful entrepreneurial brand.

To feel the brand, you must live the culture. You need to see the sense of urgency by which effective leaders live.  It’s all an aligned effort to push the envelope and grow the brand – one Beyond Expectations moment at a time.

We’ll immerse you in specific University of Kalahari training, expose you to a number of new adventures and task you with different responsibilities.  We’re so much more than the #WorldsCoolestWaterparks!

Hospitality Overview Program (Level 1)

This track is a presentation of Kalahari’s unique brand and culture.  You will learn and work in a fast-paced environment, while making a daily difference in one of our departments.  For the majority of your time, you will be expected to engage with guests and perform the job functions of a line-level hospitality associate.

This is a working internship, open to students ranging from incoming freshmen to current juniors.  Geared toward those ready to dip their toe into the hospitality pool, this is an excellent introduction into the industry.

Below are the different departments that offer the Hospitality Introduction program.

Many hospitality leaders will tell you that the key to upper management, is a complete understanding of rooms division.  There are two options inside Rooms.

  1. Our guests are accustomed to experiencing a high-level of guest service and cleanliness during their stay. Participants will be able to ensure that guests receive that service at first contact, and that it’s maintained throughout their stay.  Positions could include: Housekeeping, Common Area or Laundry
  2. As our first point of contact, our front office team sets the tone for the stay. Applicants should have at least a year of previous customer service skills. Front Desk, Concierge or PBX (Operator)

The Wisconsin Dells property houses a state-of-the-art call center for all inbound telephone communication, including the booking of many of our reservations.  Working as a guide, the goal is to enhance the guest experience starting with the first call. (Wisconsin only)

Generally reserved for majors such as Park & Recreation or Sport & Event Management, but open to anyone.  Everyone being accepted in this department would complete a Red Cross lifeguard certification program.  A Waterpark Intern could be involved in: Lifeguard, Waterpark Maintenance and Park Keeper. 

All Kalahari properties have multiple concepts, from coffee and scratch-pastry shop, sit-down restaurants, a beverage operation, to a full-service convention center.  As a Food & Beverage Intern you will gain the unforgettable experience of being part of our front-of-the-house teams in either: Double Cut Grill & Liquor Bar, Sortino’s, Cinco Nino’s, Wisconsin Brew Pub or Ivory Coast

Help create an unforgettable guest experience in our variety of retail outlets, including souvenir items, clothing, beachwear, and more!

Advanced Hospitality Program (Level 2)

This track offers on-the-job training, exciting guest interaction, mentoring relationships with regular coaching, and an opportunity to connect and build life-long relationships with hospitality leaders and peers.  There is a select number of spots available in this program.  This internship is front-line work, mixed with learning various supervisory roles.  This experience does not rotate between different areas, but you may be asked to help in other areas as business volumes vary.

One or more of these criteria must apply, to be eligible:

  • Have significant experience in the hospitality industry
  • Have completed the Hospitality Overview Program
  • Have previously been a Kalahari Resorts Associate
  • Be ready to graduate in 2023 or 2024.

We view this experience as a chance for you to showcase your talents and to make a positive difference.  Successful interns will be strongly considered to remain with the company after graduation.

We accept approximately 3-8 Advanced Hospitality interns per property.  Since the Advanced Hospitality Program began in 2011, 31 students have selected Kalahari Resorts & Conventions as their post-graduation employer of choice.

Below are the different Advanced Hospitality internship departments available:

Assist our managerial team with the daily operations of running America’s Largest Waterpark Resorts.  After successfully learning our software systems, SOPs and showing continued growth, each Advanced Hospitality Front Office intern will be given a variety of supervisory tasks to further your education.

If you’re interested in learning systems, working in multiple concepts, scratch cooking and finding out how Kalahari feeds the masses – down to an intimate dinner – that this is for you!  Previous cooking experience is necessary.

Can you believe that we operate indoor play spaces up to 125,000 square feet that feature so much, including a six-story Ferris wheel?!  Advanced Hospitality Dry Park Operations interns will learn how to operate attractions, then assist in the supervision of our amazing ride attendants and daily activities.

All Kalahari properties have multiple concepts, from coffee and scratch-pastry shop, sit-down restaurants, a beverage operation, to a full-service convention center.  As a Food & Beverage Intern you will gain the unforgettable experience of being part of our front-of-the-house teams in either: Double Cut Grill & Liquor Bar, Sortino’s, Cinco Nino’s, Wisconsin Brew Pub or Ivory Coast.

One intern will get the chance to work at the corporate headquarters, diving into and assisting with potential or ongoing construction projects.  This intern will need to have organizational skills and significant knowledge in spreadsheet development/editing.  Some construction knowledge is required.

Human Resources carry the voice of the associates, acts as business partner to achieve company goals, and continuously promotes diversity and inclusion in our company's culture.  A HR intern’s duties can include: HRIS projects, applicant tracking, file management, uniform management, and international student program administration.

It takes talented associates to develop, produce and measure marketing initiatives. Among other duties, the selected interns will gain experience working cross-functionally to assist with marketing projects, social media, PR initiatives, and print distribution. Having advanced experience in content creation (photography, social media, and/or copywriting) is a requirement.

Join this program that includes a mix of Retail and kid’s activities at Kalahari. This opportunity will include a behind-the-scenes experience of creating guest memories and understanding what it takes to operate multiple retail outlets.

Manager-In-Training Program (MIT)

The goal of the up-to-12-month MIT program is to provide a practical hands-on training program which guides the transition of a graduate, or someone looking to transition into hospitality from another field. At the successful completion of the program, participants will be ready to assume a management role, somewhere inside the brand at one of our four locations.

To be eligible for the MIT program, one of the following must apply.

  • Have completed a summer in the Advanced Hospitality Program
  • Have previously been, or currently are, a Kalahari associate in good standing
  • Graduating in 2023 or have graduated in the past year
  • Have significant experience in the hospitality industry
  • Have professional experience and are looking to transition into hospitality

If job performance, development progress and assimilation to Kalahari Resorts’ culture are all positive, promotion to a management position will occur prior to, or at, the end of the program.

As a reminder, the applicant must be willing to consider transfer into any one of our properties.

A detailed University of Kalahari training plan will be presented upon arrival and will provide details of both cultural and leadership training guidelines.

There is a potential for multiple job rotations, depending on the skill-set of the associate, conversations with leadership and desire to explore additional areas of the property.

The MIT will be spending time experiencing and learning functional management skills, understanding workflow systems of other departments and building relationships with managers across the property.

MITs will receive a minimum of 40-hours of management skills training during the program, through the University of Kalahari.

A Buddy is assigned upon arrival, and is someone who is a Kalahari leader, has experienced the MIT program, or is a previous University of Kalahari intern. They will be a confidant, support system, and help the MIT get acclimated to the location. A Mentor will also be assigned that can help the MIT assimilate to the company and its culture, and well as Kalahari Resorts’ management philosophies.

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