For the love of Africa

From custom-crafted artwork on the convention center walls to furniture in guest rooms, recorded music from the streets of Cape Town and original crafts for guest souvenirs, Kalahari shares the beauty of Africa with resort guests for a beyond expectations experience.

Kalahari is a family-owned and operated business, with a passion for entrepreneurship. That’s why we joined forces with an African Fair-Trade Organization. This partnership helps us to feature many artists at the resorts - not only in the decor, but also in the products guests purchase in our shopping experiences. Much of what you see throughout our resorts is sourced directly from Africa.

We are also a proud participant of the Ubuntu Institute, run by the Prince and Princess of Swaziland. The institute focuses on education, HIV/AIDS awareness, gender equality, empowerment of women, economic development, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. At each of our resorts, we host groups of talented, young team members from Africa. These inspiring tourism students come to the US to gain practical hospitality experience to take back home to strengthen their local tourism industries. While here, they also share their cultures with Kalahari associates and guests.

Kalahari is also honored to partner with Clean the World, the largest global recycler of hotel amenities, to collect and recycle resort soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels. We’ve diverted hundreds of thousands of these soaps from landfills to be recycled and given to people all over the world.


Experience Africa

The Nelsons travel throughout Africa creating inspired partnerships. Supporting African entrepreneurship helps pave the path to a better life. Every African sourced product shares a story of entrepreneurship woven into every stitch, carved into every curve and thread on with every bead.

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