Will You Ride Them All?


Crocodile Cove

Play a game of water basketball in this 3,000 square foot activity pool.

Bring It On: Shoots & Scores

two water slides leading into a pool

Elephant's Trunk

This twisting and meandering tandem tube slide sends you on a 270-foot long adventure.

A Classic: Not to be Missed


Test your bodyboarding or surfing* skills on this 5-foot wave simulator.

Note: All guests must attend a FlowRider orientation prior to riding stand-up. For more info and to sign-up, visit the waterpark front desk..

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Perfect For: The Bold and Coordinated

3 Monster Cocktail Drinks sitting on the side of a steaming outdoor whirlpool

Indoor and Outdoor Spa

The indoor/outdoor spas let you move between either without even getting out of the warm, relaxing water.

Time To Warm-Up: Indoors and Outdoors

two girls sitting under a small waterfall

Indoor Whirlpool Spas

Sit back and soak in the warm water in one of our whirlpool spas, located conveniently throughout the water park.

Your Time: To Soak it Up

Lazy River

Take a break from the waterslide action and wind down the lazy river.

Go Ahead: Relax

Mom and Daughter getting splashed on in Leopard's Lair/Splashdown Safari

Leopard's Lair

It's a multi-level water tree fort for all ages! Wade in the zero-depth entry pool, zip down slides of all sizes, play in water features and get soaked from the cross-firing water cannons!

Watch Out: Water Cannon on Blast

a mother and her son enjoying a water slide

Master Blaster

Waterslide meets rollercoaster! This 570-foot water coaster is a fan favorite.

Try It: Very First Indoor One

Two couples in the the indoor swim-up bar enjoying monster cocktails.

Thirsty Turtle Swim-Up Bar

Enjoy signature cocktails or beer on tap while lounging in the pool.

A mom and daughter with their arms up on a water slide

Rippling Rhino

Perfect for groups of two or three; meander through a giant flume, navigating turns and drops before coming to a stop in the catch pool below.

Better: Together

two water slides next to each other

Sahara Sidewinders

Get ready to hurl down a nearly vertical plummet on a 250-plus foot journey that takes you through a gravity-defying 360-degree loop to an amazing splashdown below!

3 - 2 - 1: DROP!

Little girl sliding down water slide

Screaming Hyena

3, 2, 1, DROP! Meant for the most adventurous thrill-seekers, this ride starts THROUGH THE ROOF, 60 feet above the water park floor.

a young boy swirling around a water slide

Tanzanian Twister

Around and around you'll go as you twist through this funnel flume at up to 40 mph! Once at the center, prepare for a free fall into the catch pool below.

How Will You Fall: Gracefully or Not So Much

Mom kissing her baby in a water swing in the kid's play area.

Tiko's Watering Hole

Tiko's Watering Hole is an intricate kid's play area, featuring hands-on activities, slides and a lazy river made just for them!

Three girls laughing on a water slide

Victoria Falls

Grab your whole crew and hop on this family raft ride! 


Girl sitting on dad's back in the Wave Pool.

Wave Pool

Wade in the waves & relax in our zero-depth entry wave pool.

A Classic: Splash, Float, Bob

water slides leading into a pool

Zig Zag Zebra

Zig and zag as you soar down this tandem tube slide. 

Get Ready: To S-O-A-R

A man making a big splash after exiting a water slide


Hang on tight, navigating through sharp turns and high-speed plunges, as you careen down this family raft ride.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

two girls racing down adjacent water slides

Extreme Rush

Experience the ONLY slalom waterslides in all of Wisconsin Dells!

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

a couple enjoying the lazy river in the outdoor waterpark

Lazy River

Grab a tube and take it all in. This 750-foot long lazy river winds and twists through the outdoor waterpark.

Age Groups: ALL

A couple enjoying beverages in the hot tub

Outdoor Whirlpool Spa

Warm up and massage your worries away in this mega whirlpool spa.

Age Groups: ALL

a brother and sister posing for a photo in the outdoor waterpark

Splashdown Safari

Immerse yourself in an African safari as you explore this multi-level water tree fort!

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids; Tweens

woman swirling around on a water slide

Swahili Swirl

Swahili Swirl sends you plummeting into a funnel to whirl around and around before sliding down into the catch pool below.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

two girls descending down a water slide

The Smoke that Thunders

Not for the faint of heart, this thrill-seeker favorite sends you soaring through a dark tube, around a funnel flume and plunging nearly vertical.

Age Groups: Tweens; Teens; Grown Ups

A couple enjoying a water slide

Wild Wildebeest

Zip and zoom down this tandem tube slide. Wild Wildebeest is a WILD ride!

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

group of water slides in the outdoor water park

Zimbabwe Zipper

Take on Zimbabwe Zipper, if you dare. This spiraling flume ride reaches up to 40 mph!

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Two girls scaling a rock climbing wall

Conqueror's of Mt.Foolmore

Test your resolve and determination to light up the board on Checkerplate, see if you have the spark on the Lightning Crack, or try to climb your way up to Cloud 9.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

A mother and her daughters enjoying the ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel

Located indoors and surrounded by a spectacular glass enclosure, our 'Big Wheel' Ferris Wheel at over 6 stories tall will be sure to take you to new heights of excitement.

Age Groups: ALL

Guests enjoying the G-Force One Tom Foolerys Adventure Park ride.

G-Force One

The G-Force One flips, swings and twirls you around while swinging like a pendulum.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Young girl riding on the Merry-go-round

Kalahari Carousel

Young and old alike will have great fun on the 28' African-themed carousel! Features a gorilla, giraffe, lion, cheetah, rhino and more.

Age Groups: ALL

little boy playing laser tag

Laser Tag

You will participate in an intensive strategic combat program that will push your skills for survival to the limit. Your progress will be tracked and analyzed.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

a little boy enjoying the ropes course at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

Lil' Toucan Climb

Now the little ones can challenge their very own ropes course.

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids

a bunch of kids riding a run ride at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

Maximum Foolocity

This whirly ride goes 50 ft in the air, up, down, and all around! Can you handle that kind of spin?

Age Groups: Tweens; Teens; Grown Ups

A girl and boy having fun racing the Meteorace Go Carts at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park.


Thrill as you race 430' around the two-story, elevated go cart track.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

a little boy enjoying a ride at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park


Squeals of joy are a common sound effect as this fun attraction takes young riders up, down and side to side.

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids

The sky ranger rollercoaster that's for kids inside of Tom Foolerys

Sky Rangers

Up, Up, and AWAY! A perfect intro for the little ones into future roller coaster thrills!

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids

a young girl maneuvering the ropes course

Toucan Climb

Challenge yourself to the 30', 3 story high Sky Trail® ropes course! Features 22 individual climbing elements!

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

a little boy zip lining inside of tom foolerys adventure park

Toucan Zip Line

Soar through the sky on Tom Foolerys awesome new zip line!

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Father and a group of boys plays 3D video game

XD Dark Ride

Experience a whole new dimension of virtual reality at the NEW XD Dark Ride 5-D Theater.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and UP

blacklight mini golf course with a glowing jungle and jungle animals

Legends of the Lost Jungle Black Light Mini Golf

Mini golf just went wild! Step into a jungle glowing with adventure! This black light mini golf course will take you through a tropical jungle of fun as you putt through lions, elephants, giraffes and more.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and up!

two kids playing with an interactive light game

Atomic Rush

A new exciting arcade-style game bringing you the latest in touch and LED technology with unlimited variations, vibrant colors, high fidelity sound and more.

Age Groups: Little ones and UP

Tom Foolerys Arcade

Tom Foolerys Adventure Park's arcade features hundreds of the newest and biggest games and simulators for the entire family. It’s more than big—it’s HUGE! Turn your game winnings into great prizes at our Prize Store.

Age Groups: ALL