Salt therapy, or halotherapy, uses a halogenerator to vaporize pure salt into the air so it can be breathed deep into the lungs. Our salt therapy room contains pure organic Himalayan salt and a high-quality halogenerator to turn that pure salt into the salt vapor that provides so many health benefits to our guests. The salt is ionized and then released into the atmosphere. When inhaled, the negatively charged ions attach to the positively charged toxins in the system and neutralize the charge, detoxifying the body from the inside out. Halotherapy is also an immune system booster; an important health benefit in the cold and flu season. Himalayan salt is one of the purest and most valuable salts.

Halotherapy is also recommended for healthy people as it boosts the immune system to help combat the high amounts of pollutants and bacteria we all breathe every day. The negative ions produced help combat stress and depression.

Halotherapy can be beneficial to those that suffer from the following conditions or concerns:


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Monthly and yearly packages available. Inquire with our Wellness Coordinators for pricing. 45-minute session for $40. Add onto any treatment for $20 per session.


"I saw a report on the news about Salt Rooms several months ago and have wanted to try one. While it really is not my husband's cup of tea, he decided to treat me to the Salt Room and even joined me. We both loved the atmosphere and he even enjoyed the music. We left feeling relaxed and recharged."

- Angie