Spaceship Quest

In Spaceship Quest, your Family Will Love Our New “Out of This World” Escape Room! Transport yourself from Kalahari to the depths of Space. Your team has just arrived on a planet that few have reached - but none have returned.

Your adventure begins when the Captain detects an alien life form on the outside of your ship! You have to repair the ship’s engines or you’ll never make it off this planet!

Can you fix your spaceship in time?

Will your team return to Earth?

In only 25 minutes, you must use the items and clues given to configure engine drives, seal the oxygen leak, decipher alien tiles, and active the launch sequence. This fully interactive game will test your wits as you race against the clock to activate your launch. This escape room is perfect for friends and family of all experience levels.


An additional, NEW Escape Room will be added in Spring of 2019: Desert Adventure. 


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Children (3-17)
Children under the age of 3 are free
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