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Your family will love our two new “Out of This World” escape rooms. The adventures are perfect for friends and family of all experience levels. Check out this two-part mission and book the Desert of Time where you’ll be transported into space, then finish out your journey as you Escape from Planet Obscura on a quest back to planet Earth.


Escape the Desert of Time

In the Desert of Time, guests have landed their spaceship in the desert of planet Obscura which is believed to be inhabited by an intelligent species of alien. You come across what seems to be a cave of alien technology. As soon as you enter, the integrity of the cave seems to be collapsing around you! Quickly investigate the cave and recover alien artifacts, all before it collapses trapping your team inside! In just 25 minutes, will your team make it out in time?


Escape from Planet Obscura

In this sequel adventure to the Desert of Time, your team has just escaped the alien cave and taken the artifacts from Planet Obscura. You are about to take off but your ship has been damaged by alien life forms. Quickly, your team must repair the ship's engine or you'll never make it off the planet! In only 25 minutes, you must use the items and clues given to configure engine drives, seal the oxygen leak, decipher alien tiles, and activate the launch sequence. Can you fix your spaceship in time?

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