Big Game Room

The Big Game Room Arcade is packed with games, rides, experiences, and prizes for all ages!

The arcade features hundreds of the biggest and best games from the latest video and prize games to amazing virtual reality!

Beyond games, experience an amazing world of family fun including Laser Tag, a thrilling 7-D Motion Theater, and incredible Virtual Reality experiences from the tame to the extraordinary!

Everyone will love playing 9-holes of Blacklight Madagascar Mini Golf as you trek through an animal filled, glowing jungle!

Up for a challenge? You and your family can try and solve your way out of two themed Escape Rooms. One challenges you to decipher alien technology discovered on an alien planet, the other challenges you to repair your crashed spaceship so you can take off and return home before it’s too late! CLICK HERE to find out more.

When you're done playing games, redeem your Prize Points at our huge Prize Counter. You’ll find great prizes for every member of your family.

Special pricing and packages are available for games and attractions.

So Many Games

Cutting-edge arcade games.

Simulators galore.

Redemption at it's finest.