Top Kalahari Tips

  • Bring walking shoes for dry play activities like Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures.
  • Two nights is a must! It gives you plenty of time to explore the resort.
  • Make sure you pack a small bag for the Waterpark to enjoy starting at 10:00am upon arrival, and until 3:00pm on the day of check out.
  • Bring your towel and a swimsuit, we will bring the smile.
  • No need to leave for meals, there’s world-class dining right at the resort!
  • Don’t miss a relaxing session at Spa Kalahari! From Halotherapy to Pedicures to Haircuts and everything in between.
  • Eat the pizza. It's the bomb.
  • Keep an eye on the deals with the e-newsletter.

Tricks From Our Guests

You should go during the week and don't forget to rent a bungalow or cabana. The bungalow is nice because you get to sit outside and tan. Be prepared for beautiful decor!!!!

Check out the activities and crafts that they have daily - my kids absolutely love them and it makes for great family time! #LoveKalahari ❤️

Never, ever leave the property to eat a meal. The food is great at Kalahari & you don't want to waste any of your waterpark time in the car!

Check in first then take your bags to the room, there are several entrances for your convenience. Make sure to make a small bag for the pool area the day you check out. Place luggage in the car and enjoy the waterpark for a few more hours.