Escape Rooms

Your friends and family will love the escape rooms in the Big Game Room. These highly themed, challenging adventures are perfect for friends and family of all experience levels.

Check out both escape rooms! One takes you deep into an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The other into the deepest reaches of space.



Can You Escape The Wrath of Anubis?

Some believe that the key to immortality could be found in it's ancient pyramids and tombs. To this day, all who have sought the power over death have failed. The power once wielded by the gods of Ancient Egypt has been lost... until now.

Do you dare face the Wrath of Anubis?

You'll rely on the interactive sounds, ambient lighting and voice of the spirit guardian to guide you in the right direction.



Escape from Planet Obscura

Escape from Planet Obscura transports you to an alien planet as you try and repair your damaged space craft. Can you get your engine repaired and activate the launch sequence before you find yourself stranded in space forever?


$15 per person, 6 people maximum per session, no minimum.


Book your time at the counter. Located just outside the Indoor Waterpark Entrance.