7-D Motion Theater

Grab a seat in the 7-D Theater and experience thrilling 3-D combined with full motion seats, wind, sound and gaming to create an amazing family experience!

Different movies provide different adventures. Play them all and see if you can be the high-scorer!

Our 7-D Motion Theater is now presenting the following:

Zombies - Fight zombies and stay alive in this intense movie experience.

Carnival - A disturbed clown out for revenge traps us in his sinister nightmare.

Once trapped in a decrepit amusement park, we get tossed, pulled and toyed with like a mouse caught by a particularly villainous cat.

Werewolves - London. Turn of the century. A poisonous gas released into the air is turning civilians into ferocious beings. As the creatures gain in numbers, they leave behind a trail of chaos and destruction!

Los Banditos - Fight an army of robot cowboys! Jump on the chuck wagon, on the train and go down the river in this western themed experience.


Pricing: $7 or 28 credits, per person per game/movie, each about 7 minutes long

Restrictions: Riders Must be 40” or Taller