Rides and Slides - Will You Ride Them All?


Father and daughter having fun with VR Headset.

VR Waterslide

This VR waterslide brings a totally new dimension to waterpark fun. With multiple immersive experiences, guests throw on the headset and are instantly launched into a new realm and they ride down the waterslide. But the fun doesn’t stop there, with multiple experiences, it’s a whole new reality every time!


The Anaconda slide in the indoor waterpark


Hang on tight! Navigate through sharp turns and high-speed plunges as you careen down this family raft ride.

The barrelling baboon slide in the indoor waterpark

Barreling Baboon

Riders slide through soaring dips and twists into the oscillating funnels; this ride changes tempo enough to keep riders guessing what's around the next bend.

some friends sliding down the cheetah racer slide in the indoor waterpark

Cheetah Race

Grab a mat and challenge three friends to a race down Cheetah Race.

Little girl on father's back swimming in Coral Cove

Coral Cove

Zero depth entry water play area featuring slides, bouncers, mini basketball and more.

girl slide down the elephants trunk slide in the indoor waterpark

Elephant's Trunk

This twisting and meandering tandem tube slide sends you on a 270 foot long adventure.


Test your bodyboarding or surfing skills on this 5-foot wave simulator.

adults enjoying the hot tub

Indoor and Outdoor Spas

The indoor/outdoor spas let you move between either without ever getting out of the warm, relaxing water.

some friends sliding down the kenya korkscrew slide in the indoor waterpark

Kenya Korkscrew

Twist and turn as you spiral down this tandem tube slide, Kenya Korkscrew.

Lazy River

Take a break from the waterslide action and wind down the lazy river.

Lost Lagoon

Athletically inclined adventurers will love the challenge of shooting hoops in this water basketball pool.

Couple enjoying a Monster Cocktail in the Grotto Swimup Bar

Paxton Grotto Swim Up Bar

Never leave the water to grab a cocktail. Adults can relax and unwind in this second, new swim-up bar featuring an immersive, Instagram-worthy grotto. Must be at least 21 years old to enter.

some friends sliding down the rippling rhino slide in the indoor waterpark

Rippling Rhino

Perfect for groups of two or three, meander through a giant flume, navigating turns and drops before coming to a stop in the catch pool below.

someone sliding down the sahara sindwinder slide in the indoor waterpark

Sahara Sidewinders

Get ready to hurl down a nearly vertical plummet on a 250-plus foot journey that takes you through a gravity-defying 360 degree loop to an amazing splashdown below!

someone sliding down the screaming hyena slide in the indoor waterpark

Screaming Hyena

3, 2, 1, DROP! Meant for the most adventurous thrill-seekers, this ride starts THROUGH THE ROOF, 60 feet above the water park floor.

Mom and Daughter getting splashed on in Leopard's Lair/Splashdown Safari

Splashdown Safari

Wade in the zero depth entry pool, zip down slides of all sizes, play in water features and get soaked under the giant tipping bucket.

Man headed down the single rider toilet bowl slide, the Tanzanian Twister

Tanzanian Twister

Around and around you'll go as you twist through this funnel flume at up to 40 mph! Once at the center, prepare for a free fall into the 7-foot deep catch pool below.

The Smoke that Thunders

Named after the local name for Victoria Falls in southern Africa, The Smoke That Thunders is a massive family raft ride. Perfect for adventurers of all ages! This ride stops running for the day at 7:30 pm.

a couple smiling and drinking their huge drinks in the pool bar

Thirsty Turtle Swim Up Bar

Enjoy signature cocktails or beer on tap while lounging in the pool. Must be at least 21 years old.

Mom and daughter playing on the slides in Tiko's Watering Hole

Tiko's Watering Hole

Tiko's Watering Hole is an intricate kid's play area, featuring hands-on activities, slides and a lazy river made just for them!

the victoria falls slide in the indoor waterpark

Victoria Falls

Grab your whole crew and hop on this 504 foot family raft ride!

Girl sitting on dad's back in the Wave Pool.

Wave Pool

Wade in the waves and relax in our zero-depth entry wave pool.

Mom and daughter screaming going down a group toilet bowl waterslide

Wild Wildebeest

Wild Wildebeest is a WILD ride!

the zig zag zebra slide in the indoor waterpark

Zig Zag Zebra

Zig and zag as you soar down this tandem tube slide. It would take a Zebra only six seconds to run the entire length!

the zimbabwe zipple slide in the indoor waterpark

Zimbabwe Zipper

More adventurous thrill seekers will zip down this flume at more than 40 mph!

bugs burrow kids area in the outdoor pool area

Bugs Burrow

Welcome to the community of Bugs Burrow! A myriad of lovable insects and critters that call Bugs Burrow their home welcome you to come splash, play, and have fun.

Outdoor Pool Overview

Outdoor Pool

Enjoy the large sun deck for relaxing and sunbathing or splash away in the huge outdoor pool.


Outdoor Laser Tag

Put on your vest and take aim as you duck and dodge lasers throughout the course! Play laser tag as an individual or with your family and friends in this outdoor laser tag arena. Can you be the high-scorer?

woman walking across ropes course in Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventure.

Ropes Course

Challenge yourself with physical activities that range from easy, with the children's courses close to the ground, to extremely difficult expert tree-to-tree challenges. These courses are made of small platforms constructed at various levels in the trees that are connected by different types of bridges that represent obstacles. You can maneuver from platform to platform wearing double belay safety harnesses. These exciting courses consist of 87 elements that will challenge you with tightropes, swinging log steps, moving platforms, rope net climbs, tunnels, hanging posts and zip lines!

man zip lining at gorilla grove treetop adventures

Zip Lines

Quad racing zip lines, now open, the only zipline attraction of its kind the region. Four at a time, race against family and friends to compete for the fastest time. Do the Ropes Course or Zip Line individually or - for the ultimate adventure - BOTH!