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Will You Ride Them All?


Barrelling Baboon

Riders slide through soaring dips and twists into the oscillating funnels. With all kinds of changing tempos, this ride keeps you guessing what's around the next bend.

Family racing down the Cheetah Mat Racers while getting splashed in the face at the finish line.

Cheetah Race

Grab a mat and challenge three friends to a race down Cheetah Race.

Father and Daughter playing in Coral Cover in the Alligator slide in the Indoor Waterpark

Coral Cove

Zero depth entry water play area featuring slides, bouncers, mini basketball and more.

Indoor Waterpark Dungeons of Hout Bay water slide.

Dungeons of Hout Bay

Ready to make a splash? Plummet through the tube at racing speeds all while trying to prepare yourself for the final ending... a GIANT free-fall drop into the deep-pool below. Think you have what it takes?

Person standing on a surf board in the FlowRider.


Test your bodyboarding or surfing skills on this 5-foot wave simulator.

Couple enjoying a Monster Cocktail in the Grotto Swimup Bar

Grotto Swim-Up Bar

Never leave the water to grab a cocktail. Adults can relax and unwind in this second, new swim-up bar featuring an immersive, Instagram-worthy grotto. Must be at least 21 years old to enter.

some friends sliding down the kenya korkscrew slide in the indoor waterpark

Kenya Korkscrew

Twist and turn as you spiral down this tandem tube slide, Kenya Korkscrew.

Family floating through the lazy river.

Lazy River

Take a break from the waterslide action and wind down the lazy river.
Overview of the Indoor Waterpark

Lost Lagoon

Athletically inclined adventurers will love the challenge of shooting hoops in this water basketball pool.

some friends sliding down the rippling rhino slide in the indoor waterpark

Rippling Rhino

Perfect for one or two riders, meander through a giant flume, navigating turns and drops before coming to a stop in the catch pool below. Must be over 48" tall to ride solo.

two water slides next to each other

Sahara Sidewinders

Get ready to hurl down a nearly vertical plummet on a 250-plus foot journey that takes you through a gravity-defying 360 degree loop to an amazing splashdown below!

a young girl riding a water slide

Screaming Hyena

3, 2, 1, DROP! Meant for the most adventurous thrill-seekers, this ride starts THROUGH THE ROOF, 60 feet above the water park floor.

A little girl excited going down water slide.

Serengeti Spinner

Features back-to-back curves and 360 spins.

Children playing in the Splashdown Safari in the Indoor Waterpark

Splashdown Safari

Wade in the zero depth entry pool, zip down slides of all sizes, play in water features and get soaked under the giant tipping bucket.

Family riding a tube on Stringray Ride in the Indoor Waterpark


Soar up steep sides and experience a few gravity-defying moments as the tube rocks up and down the funnel sides.

Swahili Swirl

Swahili Swirl

A thrill-seeker dual raft ride, the Swahili Swirl sends you plummeting into a funnel to whirl around and around before sliding down into the catch pool below.

Man headed down the single rider toilet bowl slide, the Tanzanian Twister

Tanzanian Twister

Around and around you'll go as you twist through this funnel flume at up to 40 mph! Once at the center, prepare for a free fall into the 7-foot deep catch pool below.

Smoke That Thunders Waterslide.

The Smoke that Thunders

Named after the local name for Victoria Falls in southern Africa, The Smoke That Thunders is a massive family raft ride. Perfect for adventurers of all ages! This ride stops running for the day at 7:30 pm.

Children riding in the child's lazy river in the Indoor Waterpark

Tiko's Watering Hole

Tiko's Watering Hole is an intricate kid's play area, featuring hands-on activities, slides and a lazy river made just for them!

Wave Pool and ZeroVision Screen in the Indoor Waterpark

Wave Pool

Wade in the waves and relax in our zero-depth entry wave pool.

Girl screaming riding the Wild Wildebeest.

Wild Wildebeest

Wild Wildebeest is a WILD ride!

the zig zag zebra slide in the indoor waterpark

Zig Zag Zebra

Zig and zag as you soar down this body slide. It would take a Zebra only six seconds to run the entire length!

Basketball Hoop in the indoor waterpark pool.

Basketball Pool

Shoot, and SCORE! Athletically inclined adventurers will love the challenge of shooting hoops in this massive water basketball pool.

Couple Enjoying a Drink at the Grotto Swimup Bar

Grotto Outdoor Swim-Up Bar & Pool

Relax and unwind in this an immersive, Instagram-worthy grotto. Now available indoors and out!

overview of the outdoor pool area with umbrellas, chairs, and pools

ZanziBar Pool & Swim-Up Bar

Enjoy the large sun deck for relaxing and sunbathing, or splash away in the huge outdoor pool and swim-up bar.

Outdoor Waterpark Overview

Savannah Springs

The perfectly sized pool designed just for kids! Welcome to the community of Savannah Springs! Come splash, play, and have fun. This just-my-size kid's area features two slides and a wet swing-set!

Coming Soon!

Bugs Burrow

A fun water-play area with nine bug-themed slides - just for kids!

Coming Soon!

Thirsty Turtle

A new 1,100 square foot swim-up & walk-up bar – adults only!

Texas Outdoor Waterpark Expansion
Coming Soon!

Adventure River

Float down over 900 feet of our new not-so-lazy river for all ages!

Guests enjoying the G-Force One Tom Foolerys Adventure Park ride.

G-Force One

The G-Force One flips, swings and twirls you around while swinging like a pendulum.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Cave of Mirrors in Tom Foolerys

Cave of Mirrors

This Cave of Mirrors will trick you into seeing something that is not there. But be careful. Every wrong turn will put you further into the cave... to the point of no return. Will you get out?

Look Twice
Is that real or a reflection?

Age Groups: ALL

Flynn's Power Fuge in Tom Foolerys

Flynn's Power Fuge

Grab your favorite Power Fuge Cup and get strapped in! This Non-Stop Spinning Attraction goes round and round on the turntable floor.

How Many Times Can You Go Round:
Too Many to Count!

Age Groups: ALL

Maximum Foolocity Ride

Maximum Foolocity

This whirly ride goes 50 ft in the air, up, down, and all around! Can you handle that kind of spin?

Up, Down, or All Around?
No one knows...

Age Groups: Tweens and Up

Family Riding the Scream'n Centipede Roller Coaster in Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

Scream'n Centipede

Put your hands in the air and scream! Or Don't! You won't want to when you experience this thrilling indoor roller coaster. Are you ready?

Try Not to Scream:
I dare you

Age Groups: Bigger Kids; Tweens; Teens

a little boy enjoying the ropes course at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

Tarantok Basecamp

Now the little ones can challenge themselves on their very own ropes course.

Being Little:
Just Got a Little More Awesome

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids

Tarantok Rise Ropes Course Tom Foolerys

Tarantok Rise

Challenge yourself to the 30', 3 stories high Sky Trail® ropes course! Features dozens of individual climbing elements including a Zip Line!

Don't Look Down:
Challenge Accepted

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

The Cliffs of Foolsanity Climbing Wall Tom Foolerys

The Cliffs of Foolsanity

Test your resolve and determination to light up the board on Checkerplate, see if you have the spark on the Lightning Crack, or try to climb your way up to Cloud 9.

Don't Look Down:
You've Got This

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Puppy Pulsar in Tom Foolerys

The Puppy Pulsar

Up and down and around and round! Find your Puppy Partner and get ready for this perfectly sized thrill... fit just right for the little ones.

Pick Your Favorite Pup:
Round and Around We Go

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids

Sky Rangers Ride at Tom Foolerys.

The Star Force Orbiter

Up, Up, and AWAY! A perfect intro for the little ones into future roller coaster thrills!

Perfectly Sized:
Just for the Little Ones

Age Groups: Little Ones; Bigger Kids

Laser Tag at Tom Foolerys

Tom's Time Machine Laser Tag

You will participate in an intensive strategic laser tag combat program that will push your skills for survival to the limit. Your progress will be tracked and analyzed.

To the Future.

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Father and a group of boys plays 3D video game

XD Dark Ride

Experience a whole new dimension of virtual reality at the NEW XD Dark Ride 5-D Theater.

5-D Theater:
That's A Lot of Dimensions

Age Groups: Bigger Kids and Up

Jungle Mini Golf

We're taking Mini-Golf to the jungle! Tee off at our new mini-golf course!

Enter The Jungle:
Have fun mini-golfing in the wild!

Age Groups: ALL

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